***Special Notice*** Digital Library Card

April 2, 2020

  ***SPECIAL NOTICE*** to all residents of Jackson and Harmon counties. The COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly as are the recommended guidelines for Social Distancing and the Safer-at-Home extended dates.
    Your Library Card, issued through the Southern Prairie Library System libraries, gives you access to all of the on-line resources available 24/7 through the library.
    If you don’t have a library card and are a resident of Jackson or Harmon County –

YOU may apply for an on-line card NOW to get a temporary card number and start using the on-line resources immediately, while the libraries are closed.

    When the libraries re-open you will be asked to come to the Altus or Hollis library with your ID and proof of residency to receive your permanent card.

Step 1: Go to the Southern Prairie Library System’s On-line Card Catalog.

Step 2: Go to the very top of the page and select LOG IN which takes you to the Register Box.

 Step 3: Select Register which takes you to the Online Registration page.

Step 4: Fill out the Online Registration Form with all required information.
     ALSO: Choose to register as an Altus or Hollis library patron.

Step 5: Select Register which will take you to the Post–Registration page that will give you your temporary card number and PIN number.  Please write these numbers down or print the page to remember.

Step 6: From the library catalog page, begin using the online resources as listed and enter your temporary card number when requested.