Portal Mini FaceTime Project

June 25, 2020

Portal Mini Face Time Project. This project is a part of the Healthy Living – Healthy Lifestyles partnership with the GPLC and S.W.R.E.

It is funded in part by a grant from the Southwest Rural Electric Operation Round Up program that receives monthly contributions from its members used to support charitable projects that benefit communities in SWRE service area. This project was also made possible thanks to a grant from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries with federal funding from the Institute of Museum of Libraries.

Portal Mini
Portal Mini

The grant funds enabled us to purchase the Portal Minis as a means of communication between residents and family members of the Assisted Living and Nursing centers during the COVID19 restrictions. We are pleased that this project will have a positive impact during this stressful time by alleviating the added stress from the isolation among older citizens and their families. Magnolia Creek Skilled Nursing & Therapy and Tamarack Assisted Living have started utilizing the portals allowing the residents to visit with their families virtually.